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Bleeding Love

I need some chain mail or a suit of armour for my heart💓, because all people do is tear it apart💔
                                                               -Ntini Edwards

People come and go. It is the way it has always been. They come into our lives many ways and shake us up, pulling us out of our comfort zones. Some people come into our lives through birth, mutual acquaintances or unexpectedly – like that person you meet on the bus or in the plane.

There are people who waltz in and out of the shadows, hiding for a while then coming forward only to slip away again. Life sometimes hands us the good people – the ones who make us laugh and forget that there is evil in the world – only to snatch them away in the blink of an eye. Life takes them away through death, or even allows you to drift apart if it is feeling kind…

Everyone we associate with adds, takes away, reveals or refines something in us in a small way. We allow them to tweak tiny things and we do not even realize that there has been a change until they have left our lives, possibly forever.

Personally, I have met the good, bad and indifferent and each person has brought a change in me. Some of these changes refine and make me happy, others make me want to hide and cry my heart out and still others drive fear into my heart, making me wonder if that side of me is the real me.

Nothing can happen to us without our permission, whether we believe it or not. We have to do or say something that triggers an equal and opposite reaction. Meeting people is something we do everyday and we do not know who they truly are until we have had experiences with them and given them our silent permission to tweak the areas that they wish to.

I want to be a wise person. I know everything happens for a reason so, I wish I could see the reason for the people that waltz into my life and take a seat like they own it. I wish that I could decide who I want to meet and if I even want to meet anyone at all. The people that I grow attached to always leave the quickest without giving me a second glance and leave a new hole in my heart
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