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Living It Up

We sometimes give no value to life. We live day to day without considering the small things:

  • The rainfall
  • The fresh air
  • Getting up each day
  • Our ability to move, speak and care for ourselves
  • Our family and friends
  • Each person’s uniqueness and abilities
  • The operations taking place in our bodies
  • The complexity of our brains

We take these ‘simple’ things for granted and go about each day “living it up”. Drowning ourselves in man-made inventions, enjoying technology and getting work done. As humans, we seek fulfilment and satisfaction from whatever we do.

Don’t you look at your life sometimes and think about what you are missing out?

It doesn’t have to be faith in a supernatural being, a friend, a family member, someone who tells you the truth…it may just be that although we should be one with nature, we are forgetting about the beauty around us. 

Why not take a minute to breathe some of that nice fresh oxygen and feel it travel all the way into your lungs?

Drive out of the city and gaze at the sky. There is beauty even in the darkness.

Instead of viewing flowers through shop windows, why not plant your own garden or visit the natural garden around you.

There is so much in nature to be experienced and enjoyed. Yet, we choose to stay holed up in buildings, breathing in we the air being cooled by the air conditioner, using up WiFi to get in contact with a world that is waiting for you with open arms.

Why not step outside?

Look at the people around you differently. Try to see their stories in their eyes. Some people just need a smile from someone to feel alright.

The morals of society have broken down so much so that you can trust no one and have to watch your steps. Break out of your fear and flash a few smiles. Watch someone’s face break into a responding grin and feel your spirit glow from the inside out.

Life is too short and nature is too beautiful for us to not want to live it up.




I am a very sociable Jamaican and an avid reader. All I would like to do in this world is future to leave an impact. I love God and I want the world to know. Can't Get Enough Ntini? Follow me on: Instagram @ntiniedwards_ LinkedIn @Ntini Edwards Wattpad @Ntini16 Tumblr @nerdnome16 Pinterest @Ntini Edwards

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