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Daily Prompt: Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence

Beauty is in silence. That is the time when minds go on rampage; when we view all the colours of our souls and soil our canvases with the most beautiful art.

Pain is in silence. Sometimes, we suffer in the silence. We refuse to let our pain into the open. We hide all the wrongs that have been done to us in the dark folds of our quiet thoughts.

Silence is golden. Silence is darkness. Silence is all the words that have been formed without being written or spoken.

Loud…that’s what my silences are
The times when my thoughts go on rampage
When my emotions are let loose
At this time I have to bite my lip
To prevent to-be-regrets from slipping

Loud…that’s what my silences are
Intolerable and mind blowing
A time when my thoughts are chaotic, misguided, unguarded
When the storm in my mind will not cease
When my heart is heavy and
One breath can break me

Loud…that’s what my silences are
But I, only I hear them
For they are the silences within
Battles I must fight on my own
Battles that leave me drained.

Loud…that’s what my silences are
So when you see me silent, know
That that’s the time I’m screaming
Everything I cannot say aloud

Loud…that’s what my silences are.