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Through experiences we learn to not let anything shock us anymore. People will change or will do what they were always capable of doing. Judging by appearances will only lead to disappointment as we may not only overlook strengths but also flaws.

Nothing and no one is perfect. We may try to attain perfection but in the end we only succeed in portraying a likeness of perfection.

People are like serpents; cunning and deceitful. We as human beings are like chameleons. We constantly change, sometimes reluctantly others willing and even unknowingly certain behavioural patterns seep in and slowly invade our own without our knowledge.

As humans, constantly seek out the flaws in others without recognizing the ones in ourselves. We only wish to make our side of the story beautiful by any means necessary. It is unwise to judge people as only they know what they are capable of and are willing to do.

Many of us wear masks. Either one that conceals our flaws, helps us to fit in or even displays an ugly side of us with which we are not satisfied. There comes a time, however, when we must remove our disguises and stand with all our secrets bared for the world to see.

Our enemies can end up being our strongest and most vocal allies. The people we trust and hold dearest to our hearts, sometimes betray us and they are the ones with the ability to hurt us. People are as changeable as time and weather.

A solid foundation can be built on nothing but self-reliance and self-esteem.



I am a very sociable Jamaican and an avid reader. All I would like to do in this world is future to leave an impact. I love God and I want the world to know. Can't Get Enough Ntini? Follow me on: Instagram @ntiniedwards_ LinkedIn @Ntini Edwards Wattpad @Ntini16 Tumblr @nerdnome16 Pinterest @Ntini Edwards

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