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I’m Fine

Screenshot_2017-07-15-19-55-56-1“Fine” when referring to feelings means satisfactory.

Some say that the biggest lie a human tells is that they are fine. The phrase “I’m fine” falls from the lips of many of those whom we claim to be close to, whenever they are asked how they are feeling. Being “just fine” is not a lie.

Being fine speaks of a person being battered, undergoing struggles that should weigh them down, feeling depressed, barely alive – yet still standing. “Fine is a simpler way of saying “I’ll be okay soon, it’s just a phase…a temporary situation” Fine is the only thing we can be when there are no other words to express our feelings. When we know that inside we are crumbling and weak, when everything seems to be crashing down on us – the only way to explain the tumultuous thoughts and haywire emotions is through that little four letter word.

F -Feelings
I -Inside
N -Not
E -Expressed

Today I want to be more than fine. I want to be happy. This takes tons of work. To be happy, we have to get rid of all the things that weigh us down and prevent smiles from forming on our faces. Some of these things are more easily accomplished than others as some unhappy situations have to be grown out of. Happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Whether it is getting to heaven, getting a degree, a good job or an award for something we have done, ultimately happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction are the things we expect and seek in life.

But until I can reply with a truthful and confident “I’m happy,” fine is good enough for me.



I am a very sociable Jamaican and an avid reader. All I would like to do in this world is future to leave an impact. I love God and I want the world to know. Can't Get Enough Ntini? Follow me on: Instagram @ntiniedwards_ LinkedIn @Ntini Edwards Wattpad @Ntini16 Tumblr @nerdnome16 Pinterest @Ntini Edwards

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