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Just Ordinary People

We’re just ordinary people
We don’t know which way to go
Take it slow
-John Legend

As humans we are not in control of all that happens to us. Our lives are shaped by the society in which we live and the people in it. Even though we cannot constantly keep tabs on our lives, we can ensure that our lives are headed in the right direction by the choices we make.

Let us face it. Regardless of where we are in life, our status, who we are, what we can do, our skin colour, religious backgrounds, we all had to start somewhere. We all started our lives as helpless babies with other people making choices for us. As we grow (I say grow because we are still growing) older we learn to let go of some of those guardians and influences and want to do things on our own.

We are all just ordinary people. We, however have the potential to do extraordinary things. We can do whatever we are committed to, achieve as many goals as we aspire to, climb our own Everest and plant our flag.

Life is for living, making memories and mistakes, meeting people and living our dreams.Remember that we are just ordinary people, but, it takes ordinary people to make heroes.😐

Enjoy life because…

Sometimes you only get one shot
Gotta give it all [you] got
‘Cause [you] ain’t got nothing to lose
So much to prove…
Gotta go hard or go home
-Jussie Smollett, Empire Season 1



I am a very sociable Jamaican and an avid reader. All I would like to do in this world is future to leave an impact. I love God and I want the world to know. Can't Get Enough Ntini? Follow me on: Instagram @ntiniedwards_ LinkedIn @Ntini Edwards Wattpad @Ntini16 Tumblr @nerdnome16 Pinterest @Ntini Edwards

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