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We all make mistakes. We are human and we are not perfect. What really matters, however, is whether we allow our mistakes to make us or break us

-Ntini Edwards


Sometimes we say things we do not necessarily mean or we act on impulse. Let us face the facts- as humans we make irrational decisions and act before thinking. When we do this we end up hurting the ones we love. Mistakes are not usually planned for, because then they would not be mistakes.

Being the flesh, blood and bone that we are, we are susceptible to erring. That is where acceptance comes into play. We must first accept the fact that we are flawed and that we are not perfect. If we cannot accept our flaws we cannot expect to receive forgiveness.

I am flawed and I probably will always be, but knowing this I hope you can accept and forgive me

Life is not about being perfect, however it is about the pursuit of happiness or even better self-discovery. When we are capable of controlling our emotions, thoughts and reactions we can attest to having completed an incredible feat. Being in control of oneself is an honour as that is one of the most difficult challenges in life. Even then, you will not be perfect, but with this accomplishment you are just a step away from the seemingly impossible.



I am a very sociable Jamaican and an avid reader. All I would like to do in this world is future to leave an impact. I love God and I want the world to know. Can't Get Enough Ntini? Follow me on: Instagram @ntiniedwards_ LinkedIn @Ntini Edwards Wattpad @Ntini16 Tumblr @nerdnome16 Pinterest @Ntini Edwards

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