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What Is Life?

“Life is a journey that we don’t decide to start, but, we decide whether or not we’ll finish”

-Ntini Edwards

Many people view life in different ways; some as a blessing others as a curse. Life is a gift, but, as with all gifts, we decide whether or not we will appreciate or accept it. Once we receive life we become artists; our easel is the world, our palette is our choices and in the end we decide what our rendition is. We are allowed to shape our lives by our words, thoughts and actions and must remember that for every action there is an equal reaction.

We all have our own life experiences and whether or not we want to accept it, these experiences help to shape who we become. It is our choice- we decide whether our experiences will make or break us. Life is a test. We are given chances each day and allowed to live one day at a time. As we travel life’s path we should leave behind good memories for others to enjoy and good examples for others to follow.

You are the only person allowed to live your life. No one can write your story except you. Each day, let us fill our blank pages with positive thoughts, words and deeds. Let us create something beautiful, with a lasting impact.

Life is a cycle. Live Today As If There Is No Tomorrow. Make The Right Choices.